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It was a difficult 2 weeks before we flew all the way to Manchester England.  We were both very tired when we got on the flight to Dubai on Wednesday last week.  (yes it is only a week ago)

On Dubai they did a search on your body and baggage (I had one very tired body and 4 pieces of baggage around my shoulders) and the security lady took my passport and didn’t give back but at that stage I was so tired I didn’t notice and then they called my name and I thought there were a big problem…. I mean what could I have done…. ?  In the meanwhile my passport was waiting at the check-inn counter…. that rattled me a little bit.  Hope never to feel like that again – I had all kinds of thoughts…. do Dries leave me there and come back for me…. will the plane wait, etc etc….. but none of it came true…. I have to admit I did run up and down stairs praying as I go…. fatigue can make you imagine a lot of stuff.

Dries was prepared with a map to get to Knutsford after collecting a car….. it is outside of Manchester and we did not have trouble finding our accommodation for the first 2 weeks…. it is very comfortable, nicely furnished and really feels a bit like home in a weird sort of way…. in another place.

Friday was spent looking at houses….. and felt a bit deflated when we got home…. houses are extremely small sometimes weirdly planned and lots of building around newer places…. and what is it with these showers on baths….ai ai ai… anyway, on Saturday we bought a GPS and then started shopping for warmer jackets…. we found De Trafford centre which is Canal Walk in Manchester…… I kid you not, even the floor tiles are exactly a match….. anyway I didn’t find anything being fussy and Marks and Spencer did not have a sale…. so just passed after buying Dries 2 lovely jackets….but on Sunday we went again to do some shopping for the week at ALDI in Crew and there we found the reccommended Mountain warehouse where I fell in love with down jackets and vests…… it’s light it is never too warm and oh so nice to wear….. and at such a good price that I am so glad I listened to my 1 friend to shop here and not to buy in SA….. and the other with the name of the wonderful shop… and the sales 70% jippieeee!

Day before yesterday I walked in Knutsford and the 4+ km was a good start….. today a little more…. almost 5.  Getting used to walking here…. don’t want to rush my feet.

So a few images of Knutsford….. a little bit away from where Dries works….. and we would like to be a little nearer…… will keep you up to date where and when we know…. please hold thumbs – there is one place which speaks to me very loudly and which is 3 miles from Jodrell Bank where Dries works.




Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

If you read this you probably asked to get my blog address, or were just a little curious what a South African artist, mother, wife, frankophile, etc…. would be doing in England.

So let me start telling you my and inevitably our story…….

It all started when we thought it would be great to take an opportunity to come to England for 3 years… My husband would work for an international project SKA at Jodrell Bank UK (near Manchester) and I would be able to “adventure” – and we would have more time together.

Unfortunately that meant saying goodbye to amazing friends, our family who we dearly love and our country….. well, for a while at least.  We know this might seem strange to some, but I know that most of my friends and loved ones understand my need to be free and be able to breathe.

I have been battling to get my phone images to the Apple yesterday to download images from a non-apple cellphone, but I think I have the needed images now, and will put up soonest…..

This morning we will have a look at 2 contenders for a place to stay……  not easy …. but something we have to do now. – but for now, I give you the link to SKA and what it is about…. that’s primarily why we came here….. amazing stuff! Later today I will post again to show you more what the surroundings are like….. it’s old English countryside and when you are used to the people’s accent they are extremely friendly and helpful….. and it is “Merlin country” for what the historically dubious facts are worth 🙂 see ya!